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Petra’s Business client list is extensive;
apart from ‘the usual suspects’ of big companies, law firms etc. herewith some examples:
Apart from the business community, as a caterer she has a continuous working relationship with many Cultural Institutions.

Also on the client list: the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and the Dutch Chamber Orchestra (business club dinners are an important item). Cultural Funds on behalf of writers, designers and architects.

Other loyal customers are the University of Amsterdam and the ‘Vrije Universiteit’.

And of course many people who want to celebrate something or to entertain their guests during Weddings, Doctorates, Retirement Parties and Birthdays .  

Not ot forget the companies that have something to celebrate or want to promote their activities.

Résumé   Petra van Niftrik

1980  Founder of the first ‘Traiteur’ shop in the Netherlands in Amsterdam-Oud Zuid.

1982  Traiteurshop and Restaurant at Reestraat in the center of  Amsterdam

1988  Starts at the same venue Restaurant
‘Le Campagnard’, French Country Cooking.

1990  Caters from home dinner parties on several monumental venues in Amsterdam.

1997  Obtains her own venue ‘t Gemaal’ in Amsterdam.  Seating 150 persons.   

2007  Starts at the same venue Restaurant ‘Tatin’ awarded with a ‘9’ by Johannes van Dam. Leading Amsterdam and Dutch food critic.

2008  Sells the restaurant continuing as a cateraar at Zeeburgerdijk 54 A., Amsterdam.

2015 Moves to Oud Edam, but still open for business.